At Highland War XXIII (September 2015), Their Majesties of Caid, Athanaric and Sigridhr told me they would like to step down in full Landsknecht. They asked if I would head the project with the support of some Laurels (eak!). Of course I said yes, but keeping in mind:

  1. I have a hard time saying “no”
  2. My school semester is August-December and I work full time
  3. TRM live 350 miles away

Once I overcame the initial excitement/panic, it was time to start brainstorming. As with anyone who tells me they want a Landsknecht outfit, we started by discussing color s,fabric, and looking at various  woodcuts from the time period. Her Majesty told me way back when (ok – more like in May) that she wanted to step down in her colors of green, yellow, black, and white. Check! As far as fabric, we decided on 100% linen because it would be cooler (OMG, Great Western War) as well as easier to obtain at a reasonable price.

Due to TRM being 350 miles from me, I started a Pinterest board so both Her Maj. and I could add and discuss ideas… I highly recommend this in the future

from this we chose our inspirational pieces


Once we decided on the direction we wanted the project to go, I began calculating how much fabric to buy:

  • 10 yards of green (5 for adult trossfrau, 3 for girl Trossfrau, and 2 for guards on boys and His Maj.)
  • 10 yards of black (5 for two boys Waffenrocks, 4 for His Maj., and 1 for guards on Trossfraus)
  • 3 yards of yellow for guards
  • 10 yards of white for 5 chemises and accents on Wams and Trossfraus

Next up… patterning and measuring