I am 1 of 2 largess coordinators (or Royal Looters as we like to be called) for the reign of Their Royal Majesties Athanaric and Sigridr, King and Queen of Caid. As such, one of my primary duties is to assemble and coordinate largess being given by TRM to Barons & Baronesses through out their kingdom. For the most part, this royal largess is made up of hand crafted items generously donated by the populace.

TRM have a Varangian/Norse themed reign and I really wanted their largess to reflect this, so I have undertaken the some what daunting task of creating Norse style heraldic banners for them to give to each barony they visit during their reign… that’s 9 (possibly 10 if a new barony is created), hand embroidered banners to make in the next 6 months. Not sure if this is a great idea, or a crazy one.

The inspiration:

mjravenbanner01 Nwbrd

Traditionally made of metal, these banners/weather veins were put on the ship’s bow and could tell you the direction the wind was blowing. The fringe on the bottom could tell you the speed of the boat.

The finished banner is approximately 2’x 2′ and sits on an 8′ x 2.5′ pole. My husband has been nice enough to make the copper fittings using plumbing supplies

So far, we’re one month in and 3 banners have successful been completed and given to the Baronies

20150619_161340 Nordwache

11693880_10153149189383821_7609384902366852133_n gyldenholt