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After becoming Crown Princess of Caid, Sigridr wanted me to “bling up” her orange linen Hagerock (Viking apron).


I don’t know much about Hagerocks, so I did some research. From some images I found, I decided I would need some card weaving, some solid colored trim, and some embroidery.

1. The card weaving – I used 80% merino, 20% silk sock weight yarn to make a 10th century Finnish pattern from Applesies and Fox Noses. I chose to use a dark blue and bright yellow because these were colors naturally available in period as well as Caidian colors


2. The solid colored trim – I used yellow linen the same color as the wool in the card weaving to create 1/2″ trim. I then added 2mm river shell beads to the trim

My cat, Olivia, “helped”       11329913_10103923548404377_1047604257793905724_n

3. The embroidery – i found a few pieces of documentation that noted metal thread embroidery on Norse garments, so I decided this Hagerock needed silver colored threads. The embroidery pattern is based on a find from the Ural Mountans


After a lot of fretting and stressing over weather I was going in the right direction for my friend/princess’s dress, I finally finished and gave the newly “blinged up” Hagerock to Her Royal Highness at her coronation